Filming the Gala SEE 2020 event

EZ MEDIA filmed Gala SEE 2020 event

Recently, on January 5, 2020 Gala SEE #YOU AT #SEAMI marked the result of a process of efforts of both SEAMI teachers and students after a long time of studying and practicing. With such importance for the event, we EZ MEDIA accompanies the event and released the best quality photos and videos.


Why should you film the event ?

Communicating, promoting a certain product, event or brand is never an easy task. Usually, people focus their attention on PR activities, advertising before the event, but do not pay attention to the communication after the event. Because very few people know that the media after that event is the real "leverage".

Therefore, taking photos and filming events will help you own effective "weapons" and effectively support post-event communication. Owning quality footage helps you conquer a large number of potential customers who are absent from your event.

About EZ Media company:

As a media company that has always been a leader in filming services, with the era of 4.0 Ez Media will help you widely promote your own brand. Eye-catching films are not only brought to customers in the country but also promoted around the world.


Besides, We always focus all resources, explore and discover new ideas, bringing attraction and surprise to viewers. At the same time, Ez Media always focuses on using modern machinery to meet the most difficult camera angles, the most impressive moments and the highest requirements of customers.

Company specializing in filming events in Ho Chi Minh City

EZ Media Co., Ltd is one of the prestigious units in Ho Chi Minh City. He has many years of experience in the field of media and event organization. We provide a variety of photography and videography services for events such as:

  • Filming company events such as year-end party, company anniversary...
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  • Filming events, press conferences, conferences, exhibitions...
  • Filming sales promotion events, promotions…
  • Filming graduation ceremony, reportage yearbook
  • Filming a baby's birthday or birthday celebration
  • Filming for events such as travel festivals



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Why choose Ez Media ?

+ 24/7 service when customers need
+ Experienced filming and editing team
+ Modern standard equipment
+ Clear script orientation before deployment.
+ Most competitive cost in the market.