Self-introduction of businesses is a trend when the media gradually becomes popular. Brand promotion is one of the most valuable assets of every business. Types of advertising and marketing are quite diverse. Using self-introduction videos of businesses is becoming a concern of leaders. With a moderate cost for a clip of about 5 minutes, businesses are fully capable of introducing their products and capabilities. to all consumers. It can be broadcast on the company's website, go viral on YouTube, or email it to potential customers.


What is a self-introduction film?

Instead of like before, we often have company introduction documents or company portfolios to introduce to partners and customers, which can be just a few pages but can also be dozens of pages long. paper that few people take the trouble to read and memorize. Currently, with advanced imaging technology plus the increasingly strict and fastidious level of information recipients, we show our company's capacity and image with short videos with images, sounds, and videos. lively sound to attract viewers, depositing all the messages to be conveyed. The content of the business self-introduction film is what the business has such as history, stature and aspirations, human resources, products and services, technology and machinery, brand positioning, humanistic policies of the enterprise, etc. and many other areas with specific characteristics depending on each unit. All are shown by visual images, sound dialogue, visual effects by filmmaking experts.

Self-introduction films are very important in the brand development process of every company today. Because self-introduction films are so important that companies should have them.

Are you wondering why is it so important?

  • Firstly, about the forms of receiving information, visual is the easiest approach, accounting for over 70% of human life. Next is the sound. Which was video ie image and audio mainly.
  • Secondly, the content conveyed by the company expressed in images is more effective for people to remember than other forms, to generalize more information, to feel people more easily. .
  • Third, there are contents that need to be conveyed that cannot be conveyed by other forms, but only video clips can be conveyed.
  • Fourth, there are now many ways to store movies, so you can be assured of inheritance. And there are many channels to develop and promote self-introduction films such as television, internet, LCD screens in crowded public places, at conferences, seminars, trade fairs, sending to customers, works...etc.
  • Fifth, many viewers today have terminal devices such as televisions, computers, and phones that can watch self-introduction movies anytime, anywhere.

In the process of brand development, self-introduction films together with other forms of communication play a key role, acting as a bridge between customers and suppliers. It is a brand positioning tool associated with products and services of businesses.


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