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Online meetings are a trend that has become popular in recent years, especially in the face of a complicated epidemic situation, businesses cannot meet as usual when the social distancing order is issued. and when businesses tend to expand their branches to different localities or even different countries. At that time, the need to communicate directly to report business results as well as to plan the upcoming development strategy becomes more urgent than ever. If traditional methods such as sending mail, or using OTT services (Viber, Zalo, Skype...) can only be temporary solutions due to limitations in security as well as interactivity. Directly between branches and headquarters, solutions using online meeting equipment - video conferencing are the top candidates for businesses.

Online meeting solution, also known as online conferencing. Online meeting is a form of meeting through software, web conferencing or via a call center via the internet/PSTN environment for the purpose of reducing costs and time of organizations compared to face-to-face conferences. In addition, this is also an application for online training for companies or centers, distance learning schools, virtual classrooms. Depending on usage needs, fixedness and finance, investment and use of conference services.

Currently, a lot of software / web supports free online meetings such as Skype / Google hangout / Vsee ... but has limited functionality, if users want to use many functions, they have to pay fees and are usually foreign. very inconvenient in support and payment. Especially the transmission line is also a big problem for foreign services because international lines are often very slow to hold meetings well.

So choosing online meeting service in Vietnam is the smartest choice. But must choose a service with good quality, reasonable price and high security.

Ez media provides online meeting services to customers with preferential rates. Businesses can organize online meetings at any time. In addition, we also deploy customer-specific services according to the individual requirements of each customer.

EZ Media Co., Ltd. is one of the companies providing services related to film and media, also a reputable event photography company in Saigon, we are very proud to be the partner. cooperation of more than hundreds of medium and large enterprises. Conducted a series of recording sessions for corporate events and was fortunate to receive the trust of customers and partners.



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