In recent years, dozens of major events in Vietnam have been livestreamed. It's like live TV, but not through the radio house, but the people who do it take advantage of the livestream via Youtube's server and in 2016, most of the livestreams were on Facebook's server. By 2017, serial technology was born, you do not need to have a standard internet connection, instead 4G technology has a good support effect if you know how to use it properly. And now Livestream technology is almost universal and most people who know the principles and advice to satisfy customers will do the best.

We do livestream it's like live TV, so it takes a team to understand each other and work together day after day to be able to overcome the error and support each other well. At ezmedia, we have spent 2 years researching, running tests many times and offering high quality reputable Livestream service to serve customers.

So why should one use livestream?

Surely the showrunners want people to watch their show live? So what will be the solution?

  1. Do you have enough money to buy a 60-minute broadcast on a TV channel? Not to mention the cost of the radio team to produce the program for you. This is the first thing that no customer foolishly buys radio waves. Only a few hot gameshows have been sponsored with ads and planned to buy radio waves.
  2. So why can't the radio broadcast live? The basic principle of live broadcasting is to bring data to the host server, and there will be someone who moderates the content and pushes it to the system of TV channels that are broadcasting that program.
  3. The same goes for the fundamentals of Livestream. The data will be pushed to the main server of Youtube and Facebook and from there its own system will push to the Youtube and Facebook accounts it is managing. And here if you infringe on music copyright, your channel will be stopped from live streaming.
  4. Who will watch TV waves, loyal viewers of the TV channel are around 40-70 years old. Previously, the TV channel also carried out a prime-time advertising campaign to broadcast live for loyal TV viewers to follow the live event. Who will be watching Youtube, who will follow your youtube channel, and you have to implement your program marketing campaign. On Facebook, when you are LIVE, it will notify a number of objects that are your friends. And the audience on FB and Youtube is 12-60 years old.
  5. In short, to get a Youtube, Facebook livestream program, you only have to spend production costs and the cost of buying waves like Radio, you get FREE through creating an account on Youtube or facebook.

And here we have one more thing worth mentioning. Livestream, in addition to updating live video information for distant audiences to watch the show, it also features online interaction. If you create interaction, the viewership is very high. Hundreds of gifts for the first hundred people to comment "Brand name" you already have hundreds of views. Quiz to win prizes for those who quickly comment the fastest. Dial the winning numbers... and vote via message switchboards like live gameshows are one of the most effective ways of business interaction. If you create a good interaction during your livestream and program marketing, customers will surely come for a long time. But to do this, the whole team has to meet continuously for 1 month ah.


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Why choose Ez Media ?

+ 24/7 service when customers need
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+ Clear script orientation before deployment.
+ Most competitive cost in the market.