In the era of technology 4.0, the transaction of buying, selling and introducing products - services - businesses via the internet has become more popular than ever. Product image is a powerful weapon to help businesses bring products more accessible to customers, optimize sales efficiency and build an image for businesses.

Beautiful images are one of the big plus points that help quickly attract your customers. Especially for those of you selling online. But to get "quality like distilled water" photos requires you to know how to shoot.

There are many factors that go into making a good product photo. It is the angle, lighting and adequate tools that also contribute to a successful shoot as well as make your photos much better. So what tools do product photography need to ensure a successful shoot and get the best photos? Let's find out right here.

1. Camera

This seems to be an indispensable tool in photography. If you want to take a good photo and especially for product photography, it is best to use a dedicated camera. Because this type can focus and its shooting ability is especially good. Dedicated cameras (DSLRs) are arguably the best. However, if you do not have a dedicated camera for product photography, you can also use other types such as canon cameras, compact travel cameras that can also take very good photos. Even phones and tablets with cameras can make great product photography tools. It is important that you have a beautiful angle to highlight the beauty and characteristics of the product or not. It's all up to the photographer.

2. Tripod

Tripod helps you to fix camera & shooting angle. This is a very important tool to help ensure the highest image quality, uniformity and leisurely work. If you're using a camera (DSLR or PnS), you can buy a tripod at camera stores. If you have a phone or tablet, a phone accessories store is the place to go. A Chinese tripod is quite cheap, even 200k is a used one.

3. Lights

In photography, light is very important. Low light is not beautiful and overexposed, the picture is not clear. That's why we recommend investing in lighting. It will help your photos become more professional. Because if there is a light, the light will be softer and harmonize the photo much more. The evening light you assemble yourself in a position so that the product is most prominent. Normally, people use 2 to 3 lights to get the best light source while taking pictures. You can also use 1 light, but we recommend that you use two or three lights as best suited for a good photo.

4. Backdrops

When it comes to product photography tools, we certainly never forget the background. Choosing a beautiful background pattern will have an effect on the content of the photo. Many photographers think that the background is part of the soul of the photo.

The background material is also very diverse. It can be of fabric or cover. How you choose is up to you. You also have a wide selection of wallpaper templates. If you like simplicity and sophistication, a plain or black and white background will be a good suggestion. Or your product is cosmetic, your background should sparkle to highlight the subject.

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